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the 'b' stands for billye

If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me what the 'b' stood for, I would have a lot of nickels.

I'm named after my grandma and my grandpa! My mom's mom was named Billye (my parents stole the spelling from her), and my dad's dad is named Billy. You pronounce it just like Billy, in case you were wondering. Kinda odd, but kinda cute!

I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. And just like every other girly-girl, I spent a lot of my time doing ballet, cheerleading, and obsessing over boys - as one does. I was captain of the golf team and head editor of the yearbook for two years. I had the best friends and family a girl could ask for, I HAD IT MADE! After graduating from high school, I thought I had a plan. I was going to attend Kansas State University, just like my dad.

That is, until I decided that I actually didn't want to move halfway across the country to a tiny college town where I didn't know a soul. So instead, I moved to a tiny college town approximately 85mi north of where I grew up. Mostly because Utah State University was the only other school I'd applied to, so I was going to have to make it work.

I can't say I was thrilled to start college. I was nervous to leave my hometown and all my homies and my mom. But there I was. An 18-year-old freshman, standing outside my dorm building like a girl heading to summer camp.

Massive backpack? On.

Hydroflask? Filled.

B? Ready to face the world.

Before I tell you more, I just need to point out that:

If you told me by the time I was a junior, I would still be in school, still in my sorority, dating a super hot boy, be on my sorority's exec board, and be a fraternity sweetheart...I WOULD HAVE THOUGHT YOU'D LOST YOUR MARBLES.

A lot has changed since I first started college. And that is a really good thing. From here on out, let me tell you how all this came to be and the advice I would tell freshman-year me.

Until l8r


B :)

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