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bid day, best day!

Rushing Kappa Delta was the best decision I made in college.

My mom, grandma, a cousin, and great-aunt were Kappa Kappa Gammas at the University of Utah when they went there. My great-grandma was a Chi Omega during her time there. My grandpa was a Beta Theta Pi there as well. My cousin was a Kappa Sig at Kansas State University. My aunt and cousins were Kappa Deltas at Utah State, and my uncle was a Sig Ep. Being Greek was basically built-in to my family's college experiences.

But believe it or not, I didn't really want to join a sorority when I went to college.

Utah State doesn't have a Kappa Kappa Gamma chapter, which was really the only organization I had an interest in since I had heard my mom and grandma and aunts talk about it when I was growing up. But then my aunt Kelli suggested I rush at Utah State and think about joining Kappa Delta. I was reluctant. I was scared that I didn't know anyone in the chapter. I didn't have high school friends to rush with. I would be alone and that scared me.

Then. One day I got a text message from Alexis Cooper.

"Hi! I'm Alexis Cooper and I am the vice president of membership in Kappa Delta at Utah State. Can I take you to get ice cream sometime?"

A few days after I moved to Logan she came and picked me up in her white Prius and took me to Coldstone. She answered each and every one of my questions I had about Greek life. She was so genuine and kind and warm and made me feel so confident in myself. She told me that even if I didn't join at the end of rush week, I should go through rush just to see what it's all about. Then I could make my decision.

The second she dropped me off at my dorm, I got onto my laptop and signed up for rush. I stalked the chapter's Instagram page, followed Coop and she followed me back, which made me feel like I was the coolest person ever.

A few weeks later, I toured the sorority houses, met the girls in each chapter on campus, and made up my mind. I wanted to join a sorority. On the last night of rush, I chose Kappa Delta and wrote it first on my list of chapters I wanted to join. The next day, everyone who received a bid met at the library to open our bids.

I was sorta nervous if I'm being honest. I hoped everyone I met in Kappa Delta that week liked me enough to want them in their sisterhood. And then I opened the envelope.

With love and careful thought, we would like to invite B Wilson to join the sisterhood of Kappa Delta Sorority, Beta Delta chapter

Everyone ran - literally ran - home to their chapter houses. I was welcomed with open arms by all the girls in Kappa Delta. They were just as excited as all the new girls were. They helped us do our glitter makeup and had a dance party with us in our back deck and parking lot. I hung out with Coop and all her cool friends. I felt so loved by women I knew but wasn't entirely close to yet. It was special to see the connection they all had with each other. I was so excited to be apart of all of it.

I stayed at the house until late in the evening. All the older girls stayed kept us included and made sure we were meeting them but also girls in our own pledge class. After all, your pledge class is your pledge class forever. They're the girls you grow up in Kappa Delta with. So here's a shoutout to the Fall 2017 pledge class of Beta Delta chapter!!! I love each and every one of you and I'm so happy I got to experience this day with you.

I spent the whole weekend daydreaming about the next few years I would have in Kappa Delta. I couldn't wait to be just like the older girls. Successful. Confident. Smart. Beautiful.

In the following weeks, I would go to the house weekly to learn all the things I needed to know about Kappa Delta before I was initiated. It was fun to go to the house and see my new friends and all the girls who lived in the house. And then I started getting texts from older girls to hang out with them. THEY WANTED TO HANG OUT WITH ME!! I was fangirling lol. They would take me to Chugz or McDonalds or just hang out with me at the house and help me study. Alexis and I started talking all the time. She was quickly becoming one of my best friends! I studied and spent with other girls in my pledge class.

All negative things I heard about Greek life manifested themselves as false. I wasn't hazed. I wasn't gossiped about. The fraternities on campus had very nice members who made me feel welcome even though the only thing they knew about me was that I was a new Kappa Delta. I had friends in Alpha Chi who rushed with me. Kappa Deltas would wave at me when they saw me on campus.

I felt so loved. My confidence soared for the first time in months. Even before I was initiated, my sisters built me up, stood up for me and loved me unconditionally. I could only imagine all that was to come during my time in Kappa Delta. And I can't wait to tell you all about it.

Until l8r


B :)

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