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my favorite instagram accounts right now

I've had a lot more time on my hands since the world shut down. I've found lots of new accounts to follow and also have fallen more in love with some I've followed for a while. I've also like to add that none of these shoutouts are *#ads,* just a curated list of accounts I really, really like (in no particular order)

. So, without further ado - here's a list of some of my favorite Instagram accounts right now.

1. @indyblue - she has been my all-time favorite account for YEARS. She is the person who inspired me to get more into videography and just be more comfortable with who you are. I would for sure recommend her to anyone and everyone. ALSO, she just had a baby and he's the only baby that has ever induced baby fever for me, so like go look at his cute lil face for me.

2. @her.usa - this account is all about female empowerment and positivity! The posts aren't overwhelming in length, just small refreshers from the seriousness that can overwhelm feeds sometimes.

3. @berlinmichelleart - this is one of my favorite digital art accounts (I'm a real sucker for those). The pieces are so colorful and horoscope/zodiac based. I'm not super into astrology, but the fun facts that are shared in the captions are fun to read!

4. @isabellaboylston - a principal ballerina at the American Ballet Theatre in New York! She is bada$$ to the max! She posts some of the most impressive and elegant videos of her dancing and I love stumbling across them on my feed, they are delightful! She also goes live every now and again and will hold virtual barre sessions :') #awe!!

5. @ketnipz - you've probably seen this little cartoons at some point, they've even been stickers on Snap! This account just makes me laugh with the cute stories of "a lil bean with big dreams."

6. @labyrinthofcollages - I get sooooo much inspiration from this page for my own edits. The artist uses images of celebrities and makes dope edits of them with glitter and shapes and the occasional video. I have post notifications turned on for this account!

7. @onyx.nine - I haven't been following her for long, but the aesthetic on this page is BEAUTIFUL! Plus, she goes by B too, so that's cool.

8. @_goldenjune_ - the retro vibes on this page calm me down when I'm scrolling. Some of my fav patterns and graphics come from this account, I am obsessed.

9. @thesnootypug - the aesthetic/vibes of this account are SPOT ON to what I use in my own edits. This account is a literal GEM, and I don't understand how she doesn't have a larger following. Her designs are the CUTEST and I would also highly recommend following her on Pinterest too, where you can download her phone wallpapers.

10. @katiedenisondesigns - this account features some of the most adorable graphics, illustrations, and text/quotes. I found this account a few weeks ago and now I look forward to seeing it on my feed because this is another account I get inspiration from. You can also commission her to put together custom pieces if you're into supporting small accounts/artists!

11. @literallyelise - ANOTHER ONE OF MY ALL-TIME FAVS, I have followed her forever. She is the awesomest mom to her little boy and doggo. Her and her husband crack me up. They've been through a lot to become parents and I really admire her ability and willingness to be vulnerable about their infertility struggles, as well as losing their twins a few years ago. I also think it's really cool that she is letting her little boy tell his own adoption story when he's old enough. She uses her platform to educate but also entertain and I really really look forward to seeing her on my feed & stories. (Her Bachelor recaps are the greatest).

12. @quotesbychristie - another account I have notifications turned on for (which is huge because I actually hate social media notifications lol). Her quote graphics are so simple but eye-catching. My bookmarks are FULL of her posts.

13. @ashleyklemieux - I found her recently through another account but she's super inspiring! She has also been through so much but has built herself and her family up despite it, and I think that's awesome.

14. @positivelypresent - if you're a fan of digital art and mental health awareness/self-care, this account is for you! The posts are full of self-care ideas as well as positivity quotes.

15. @wilfredwarrior - so this cat is one of those cats that's so ugly they're cute. This cat has more than 1M followers and I am so happy to be one of them. Its little face and green eyes brighten my day every time.

16. @houseandhens - I am all about DIY and organization videos/tips, and that's what this account is all about. There are so many time-lapse cleaning videos that seriously calm me down lol. She has my dream house and so many pets she features, I love it.

17. @amberfillerup - I have followed her forever, but I never ever get sick of seeing her posts. I followed her when she and her husband lived in NYC, before she had her oldest son (like way way before she had 1.4 MILLION followers). She is the definition of boss babe and has her own line of hair extensions. I can promise you've seen her braids on Pinterest, they are so full and gorgeous. Anyways, follow her for all kinds of hair, house, parenting, and lifestyle ideas - she is seriously the cutest.

18. @saggysara - BODY POSITIVITY!!! She is so blunt with how different people can make their bodies look, especially for social media posts. If you've ever stumbled across a photo that made you insecure about not having the same body as someone else, FOLLOW HER. Not only do her 'Instagram vs. Reality' posts really expose what 'beauty' is defined as, her captions are really inspiring too.

19. @thegoodadvicecupcake - if you're at all active on Snapchat or Buzzfeed, this is another account I promise you've seen before lol. The little comics of a smiley, pink cupcake are delightful and a good break from all the engagement posts I've been seeing lately.

20. @livingwithpickles - follow this account if you love animals! The main animal featured is Pickles the Pig, but there are also doggos and ducks!

21. @sav.labrant - she is so inspiring and stunning! She radiates positivity and I am in love with her family. She's married to previous Viner Cole LaBrant and they make the cutest couple ever. I bawled my eyes out over their engagement AND wedding video a few years back. If you like cute kids and cute clothes, follow her! Her inspiring quotes and scriptures are neat to look forward to, too!

22. @wafflenugget - this dog is the reason I want a Bernese Mtn. or St. Bernard. He is massive but the cutest service animal out there. If you want a major cuteness overload, go back to when he was a smöl guy, he was precious.

23. @kate_speer - Waffle's human. She is a huge advocate for mental health awareness and she is BAD A$$! She is super vulnerable on Instagram and that is something that can be really hard at times I'm sure, but if you read the comments on virtually any of her posts, you can see it's content people NEED to see and get a lot out of!

24. @positivedelight - another super cute retroey quotes page. Positive reminders about how we are all human and all need love and acceptance, even with ourselves!

25. @cestmaria - THE AESTHETIC IS REAL!!! Whenever someone asks what an Instagram theme or aesthetic is, I direct them right to this page. Everything is so cohesive and light and pastelly and induces some real wanderlust. Like, I realize a lot of social media portrayal isn't all real, but if it were, I would want to live her life.

26. @selfcare4yu - can you tell I'm a fan of self-care and/or quote accounts? I think this one stands out though because all the posts are informative too, they make you consider your own experiences and offer advice about how to handle life.

27. @hiddenheartbreak - one of my favorite illustrators. Her empathetic storytelling is POWERFUL. Sometimes I have to bookmark her posts and come back to them later so I can cry in peace lol. For reals though, she makes her experiences so relatable to so many it's incredible.

28. @bearcoat_tonkey - don't ask me what kind of a doggo this is, but I LOVE HIM. He is so smooshy and cute all I want to do is cuddle him, okay?!

29. @waltergeoffreythefrenchie - anyone who knows me knows how much I (and my big) are obsessed with FRENCHIES. Well, Walter takes the cake for favorite French bulldog. You've probably seen videos of him yelling, yeah that's Walter. I love his little face.

30. @mikzazon - another kicka$$ body positivity/confidence account. She started the #normalizenormalbodies movement which is DOPE and I can easily get behind as someone who has a very normal body.

31. @bymariandrew - if you follow me on Instagram, you've seen her illustrations. I've reposted quite a few of them on my story and share the same graphic by her on Mother's Day each year. Her designs are delicate visually, but can carry some serious PUNCH in message or in the caption that only 1.1M people vibe with.

There you have it, some of the best Instagram accounts (imo, of course). If you have any other additions to this list, share them in the comments, I'm always on the lookout for new inspiration and cool people to follow!

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